Grace Haven is a nonprofit ministry. We do not charge for our services. Our expenses are met by those who want to see the doors at Grace Haven remain open.  You are welcome to participate by giving a financial contribution.  All gifts to Grace Haven are tax deductible and should be mailed to: Grace Haven, 67163 County Road 43, Millersburg, IN 46543.

Initially Grace Haven was brought into existence by the vision of several local pastors. This group has grown and now a number of local Anabaptist churches, called "Supporting Churches" provide direction, prayer, and financial support for Grace Haven.

Contact us via phone or email to request an application to become a Supporting Church.

Benefits of a Supporting Church 

A supporting Church will: 
  • Receive priority in having members scheduled for counseling. 
  • Be influential in the development and direction of the ministry. 
  • Have ownership of a local program. 
  • Have the blessing of knowing your funding and support is helping hurting people.

Responsibilities of a Supporting Church 

A supporting Church will: 
  • Give monthly or quarterly financial support
  • Appoint a qualified brother to serve on the Advisory Board
  • Bathe the ministry in prayer
  • Support the doctrinal statement of Grace Haven

Advisory Board: Consists of one member from each supporting church. The Advisory Board has at least one meeting per year in conjunction with a meeting of the Executive Board to discuss matters pertaining to Grace Haven. The Advisory Board members do not have decision-making authority but are called upon for input and direction. The Advisory Board has the power to vote on the new members to serve on the Executive Board. Members of the Advisory Board are to promote and represent the ministry of Grace Haven to the supporting churches.

Doctrinal Statement:  The Doctrinal Statement of faith is identical to the 1963 Mennonite Statement of Faith and can be read on the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online or by clicking here.
Current Official Supporting Churches

Berea Christian Fellowship
Bethel Cons. Mennonite Church
Calvary Chapel
Church of Living Faith
Clay Street Amish Mennonite Church
Fairhaven Amish Mennonite Church
Faith Community Chapel
Faith Haven
Hicksville Christian Fellowship
Lamb of God Mennonite Church
Living Water Mennonite Church
Maple Lawn Amish Menn. Church
Milford Chapel
New Covenant
North Liberty Church
Pilgrim Fellowship Church
Pleasant Grove Cons. Menn. Church
Roselawn Cons. Mennonite Church
Salem Mennonite Church
Sandy Ridge Mennonite Church
Townline Mennonite Church
Woodlawn Mennonite Church