What is the purpose of Grace Haven?
Grace Haven is a not-for-profit organization and exists as an arm of the church of Jesus Christ. The purpose of Grace Haven is to assist pastors with difficult situations: such as physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse as well as dysfunctional marriages, troubled youth, and depression. The center also provides pastor’s training, to help pastors care for people's hearts.  Back to Top

What do we do at Grace Haven?
God designed us to have meaningful and close relationships with Him, our spouse, and others in our lives. Spiritual and emotional issues block our ability to connect in relationship. Issues such as depression, anger, inability to communicate, and other problems have causes; all of the problems we experience in our lives stem from a deeper root issue. At Grace Haven we try to identify the cause of problems individuals are experiencing in their marriage or personal life and resolve that cause at heart level. Heart issues are resolved through prayer and the genuine caring of another person. There are two kinds of heart issues, spiritual and emotional. Back to Top

  • Spiritual issues, specific sin such as bitterness, adultery, rebellion, and hypocrisy need to be confessed with genuine repentance, and forgiven. Emotions also come from the heart of a person. 
  • Emotional issues such as rejection, neglect, and emotional detachment are resolved by another individual understanding and caring about a person’s heart, either in prayer, connecting the individual’s heart to Jesus, or connecting a spouse’s heart to care. 

It is amazing to see how Jesus has the power to heal and restore a heart. As individuals find freedom from sin and emotional hurts through prayer and learning to care for one another they find a new closeness in their marriages and a new ability to process emotional pain. Those who continue to use the “tools” they were given at Grace Haven also continue to build a close relationship with God and their spouse.  Back to Top

How do I get an appointment?
Call or email our office and request an application (two applications if you are married). After we receive the completed applications, we will place you on our waiting list and contact you to schedule. 

We meet with an individual or couple for one 2 1/2 hour session each day, for a week of sessions, Tuesday through Friday, either in the forenoon or in the afternoon. You will be given homework and charts to fill out in the evenings.  We find that when people are working through their issues it can be physically and emotionally exhausting so we strongly encourage you to plan a light schedule for the week of your sessions and take off work if possible.  Prior to the appointments we will have you do some paperwork and watch a DVD  in preparation for your appointments.  Back to Top

How much do sessions at Grace Haven cost?
We do not charge for services rendered at Grace Haven, and will never turn anyone away for inability to contribute financially. We desire that everyone can find freedom. This is not to imply that there are not serious financial commitments that go along with a ministry like this. Many people ask us, "What does it cost Grace Haven to operate? Our suggested donation is $90.00 per hour. We share this not to pressure you but rather to inform you and ask you to consider a gift to Grace Haven. Our expenses are met by those who want to see the doors at Grace Haven remain open.  Back to Top

Does Grace Haven provide lodging during a week of sessions?
Grace Haven does not have sleeping or eating facilities. We can give you a list of area motels if you would like to have one.  Back to Top

Do you only provide help for married people?
We provide marriage conflict resolution, premarital sessions, personal help for single individuals, and personal help for married people but we ask that their spouse also participate in the sessions as a support to them. 

We have a lady who meets with single ladies to help resolve personal issues. In cases when one of our men meets with a single lady and his wife is not present, we ask that another person attends as a prayer partner. They will be given the option of bringing a trusted ​prayer partner or having Grace Haven contact a volunteer lady prayer partner. These ladies have been instructed in confidentiality.  Back to Top

Can I come without my husband/wife?
Our focus and goal is to bring lasting resolution to personal and marital issues. We consider it imperative that both a husband and wife come together. In order to create oneness and harmony in a marriage relationship there must be two working together, wanting to make a marriage work. If a husband or wife would like to have sessions for personal issues not necessarily connected to their marriage relationship, we need their spouse with them in the session to learn to care for them and participate in their healing. If your spouse is reluctant or refusing to come with you, we encourage you to seek support, encouragement, and advice from your pastor.  Back to Top

Do you provide marriage or personal help to divorced and remarried couples?
Because of the complexity of divorce and remarriage situations, we will refer couples in remarriage cases to the following offices. (see information below) We do provide personal help to individuals who are divorced and not remarried. 

Haven of Hope   - Lake Odessa, MI    Phone #: 616.693.2925
Healing of the Heart   - Lapeer, MI    Phone #:810.245.0735
Caring for the Heart   - Colorado Springs, CO    Phone #: 719.572.5550

What is your “success rate”?
We have seen that couples and individuals find freedom to the degree that they: 
  • are longing for  freedom
  • are open and willing to be led
  • are honest and transparent
  • are willing to own their problem 
  • genuinely continue to apply the biblical solution to their problem. 

What shall I do if I know someone who could benefit from going to Grace Haven?
Show them genuine love and care about them. Encourage them to talk with their pastor about the issues they are facing. He may recommend that they come to Grace Haven or he may be able to lead them to freedom himself. You could tell them about Grace Haven, and encourage them to call for an application. For the reasons listed in the answer to the question above, we only send applications to those who request them for themselves or pastors who request them for someone in their congregation. If you would like to have information to show them about Grace Haven feel free to call the office and request it. If parents would like to have a son or daughter who is still living at home come to Grace Haven, we ask that the parents come for a week of sessions before the young person’s sessions. In the case of problems with young children, we will want to work with the parents to assist them with meeting the needs of their child.

Are there any resources that you recommend?
We would recommend the DVD series “Rekindling Marital Intimacy” by John Regier. It is available through their website in DVD or CD form at www.caringfortheheart.com and in printed transcription form at Freedom Hills 330.893.3857. We would also recommend any of the resources at www.biblical-concepts.com . 

What is a "Supporting Church"?
Grace Haven is funded by the gifts of individuals, businesses and churches. Grace Haven was brought into existence by a nucleus of several local pastors. This group grew and now a number of local Anabaptist churches, called Supporting Churches, provide direction, prayer, and financial support for Grace Haven. For more information on becoming a Supporting Church click here.
 if you have additional questions contact us