What do you do at Grace Haven?
Can I come without my husband/wife?
Do you only provide help for married people?
How much does counseling cost?
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"At Grace Haven, we were walked through prayers to resolve the issues that caused the problems we were facing. We began understanding how to care for each other instead of hurting each other.  After praying through..."     more testimonies
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We have two men on staff, Mel Eash and Garrett Martin, and one lady, Christina Miller. All of our staff are kind, compassionate, and understanding. For more biographical information on our staff click here or on the door at left.
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God designed us to have meaningful and close relationships with Him, our spouse, and others in our lives. Spiritual and emotional issues block our ability to connect in relationship. Issues such as depression, anger, inability to communicate, and other problems have causes; all of the problems we experience in our lives stem from a deeper root issue. At Grace Haven we try to identify the cause of problems individuals are experiencing in their marriage or personal life and resolve that cause at heart level. Emotional issues are resolved through prayer and the genuine caring of another person. 

It is amazing to see how Jesus has the power to heal and restore a heart. As individuals find freedom from sin through repentance , and emotional healing through genuine caring and prayer, they find a new closeness in their marriages and a new ability to process emotional pain. Those who continue to use the “tools” they were given at Grace Haven also continue to build a close relationship with God 
and others in their lives.
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Can I come without my spouse?
How much do sessions at Grace Haven cost?
Do you only help married people?